New York Bites

I recently went back to New York to meet my Mum, Grandma and Aunt.

Being halfway between England and Vegas it seemed like the perfect location for us to have a little getaway together without having to travel too far. Plus, of course I just love this city!!

We tried a couple new foodie places and I have to share them with you…

Rustic Table

With a big day ahead you’re always searching for a good breakfast spot to fuel your endless walking. We came across this funky little place on W 42nd st, not far from Times Square. It had a great buzz, cute decor and really friendly service. The food was delicious. Light, simple and beautiful flavors. I highly recommend the Shakshuka with a cheeky mimosa on the side πŸ˜‰

Rustic Table NYCShakshuka


Jing Fong Dim Sum

Ok, so I was so hungry this evening, I only managed to get this one crappy photo which doesn’t do the food justice at all. So after another long day of trekking around the city, I was really craving some Dim Sum and this place was super close to our hotel so we went for it. It didn’t look like much from the outside but it was busy and we were keen to see why. I kid you not people, this was some of the freshest dim sum I have ever tasted. The Sui Mai’s were so good I think we ordered about 5 portions for the three of us. The service was great and the food came really quickly, which encouraged us to just continue stuffing our faces with the delicious food.

Dim Sum


Le Vain Bakery

On our first day, we walked past the Le Vain bakery (a tiny little shop) and were intrigued by the large line outside. It sure did smell fantastic and the people queuing kept telling us they had the best cookies in NYC. So we kept it on our bucket list for the trip and on the last day we got a famous cookie. Dude! It was F**king incredible. Everyone needs to try a Le Vain cookie in their lifetime. That is All.




I mean this next one kind of sells itself. I feel like everyone is a bit turned on by the words ‘Nutella Croissant’. Found Recolte on Instagram, saw the pictures and decided I had to go and experience the dream for myself. Did it deliver? …110%! I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough Nutella stuffed inside for my liking but there was plenty. It was amazing and yet another recommendation for all sweet tooth people.



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