Gucci Love

I would like you all to meet my new pride and joy!

So a while back now I saw this bag on Rosie Fortescue’s Instagram, and I fell in love. It’s pretty damn beautiful but the price was rather pretty too. So I put it off and had the same daily discussion with myself of “do you really need it?” “How much do you love it?” Until of course it was no longer on the Gucci website. It was then when I accepted it wasn’t meant to be, but I was so upset that I told myself if I ever saw the bag from then on, I would have to buy it.

We were in London last week and went for a wander around Harrods. In their main Gucci section on the ground floor it was nowhere to be seen so my bank card cried a sigh of relief, but we went upstairs and came across the boutique section and there it was, in all of it’s glory!!

It was the last one they had and well it was safe to say it was mine!


Now I am definitely not buying designer handbags on the regular and this will not be a turning point, however I am completely in love. I think that if you work hard it’s important to treat yourself accordingly and well that’s the moral of this story 😉

They still have them on the Harrods website if you love it as much as I do…Take a Look!

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