London,  You are amazing!

It’s been six months since I was back in the UK and wow how I’ve missed it! I never realise quite how much until I return. The buildings, the style, the food… everything just has so much character. A little something special that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

We were only in London for 2 days before heading up to Liverpool but we had such a good time I thought I’d share a bit of what we got up to.


We got a hotel deal on last minute’s secret hotels. If you’ve never done it before it basically tells you a short description of the hotel and where it is located but you don’t know which exact hotel it is until you have paid for it. We knew we wanted to stay in Mayfair and found a 5* hotel listed for half of it’s original price. It ended up being the Hyatt Regency and of course, It was stunning!

Lovely staff, perfect room, clean, quiet… and our favourite thing of all was the heated toilet seat, it was life changing!

Unfortunately we had business appointments in the morning which meant we couldn’t enjoy the buffet breakfast, but we did come across the beautiful little courtyard at the back of the hotel for a little lunch. It was such a lovely space with cute decorations, comfy seats and of course much needed blankets for the English weather. As for the food it didn’t disappoint.

The Churchill Bar and Terrace

IMG_4584 2

Anywhere I go, no matter what the purpose of the trip is, I am always obsessed with finding good places to eat. The other two places we ate at during our trip were Dirty Bones in Kingley Court and Polpo in Soho, I can definitely recommend both! I didn’t take enough food pictures as I was too excited to tuck in, but I have learnt for next time! Dirty Bones had great lunchtime deals with £5 cocktails and £10 meals and Polpo, well… what’s not to like about Italian tapas 😉

Dirty Bones

Polpo, Soho

Aside from eating we also managed to take in some of the sights and luckily for us the weather was beautiful! We were able to walk everywhere. I was so excited that it was sunny enough to wear my new Topshop purchases! I had thrown them in my suitcase with no expectations of being able to wear them but I guess you should never underestimate the surprises of the English weather. I love England at all times but when it’s sunny there is definitely no place I’d rather be!

FullSizeRender 2






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