New Adidas Vibes

Since I’ve been allowed to get back in the gym and start working out I thought I’d treat myself to some new things. There’s not much better motivation than new workout gear is there?! Now I know some people think why spend money on workout clothes? I think it’s always important to feel good about your outfit, no matter where you’re going. If you feel good about what you’re wearing it’s natural for you to feel more confident. I find if I put on nice training gear I automatically have more motivation to go and workout. In fact before taking these snaps for my blog I had to go and train first as I was too excited ha. So I promise you, if you’re struggling to motivate yourself to go for a jog or get down to the gym. Take a little detour to the shops first and I can guarantee you’ll be raring to go!

This is the outfit that I purchased and I’m in love!

First off these warp knit leggings are incred! They are super comfy and the pattern of the ventilation holes not only keep you cool but also give a really flattering shape to them legs ladies!

The ocean elements light sweater was just $25!! It’s a really thin cotton material, almost like tissue paper. It’s slightly translucent and so soft on the skin. A perfect item for the Vegas heat and like all of the originals stuff it’s so simple and stylish.

As for the ultraboost’s guys. They live up to the hype! They are pretty damn beaut to look at and they are soooo comfortable, it’s like walking on clouds. I can’t wait till I’m able to go for a run in them.

Everything except my shoes I got from the online sale on the official Adidas website.

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