New Apple Goodies!


One of the best things about being an adult is having the freedom of deciding when it’s Christmas!

I have been without a laptop for about a year now and well I decided that it had been quite long enough. Of course me being me I wanted a MacBook to match my iPhone because well, what 20 something year old doesn’t.

I was on the Apple website checking out the different models when an ad for a student offer came up. It was buy any new MacBook or iPad and get a $299 pair of beats by Dre for free. I was very jealous of this offer as my student discount days are long gone, but thought I’ll just fill up my bag to see how much the total would have been. I kept going through and they didn’t ask for any proof of college ID! I secured my payment went to pick it up from the store and only needed my drivers license to collect my purchase! So if any one is planning on getting a new Mac or iPad anytime soon. Go check out the deal!

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