The Face Break

In life we never know what is going to happen next. We can organize and we can plan, yet there is never any guarantee as to how things will turn out. Sometimes unexpected things are thrown our way. These things can seem positive or negative at first glance, yet they may turn out to be something quite different in the long run. Some situations can seem really bad when they are first presented to us but if we can accept them and appreciate the test or challenge, they most often can lead to great things.

The main reason I started this blog was that I have just been presented with one of these challenges. Two weeks ago at work I broke my face. Yes literally! You can check out the scans…

I took a fall in teeterboard training and landed with my knee in the right side of my face. At first it just went numb but looked fine and felt ok, so I continued normally with my day. It wasn’t until the middle of second show when I blew my nose, we knew it wasn’t quite right. I blew my nose whilst awaiting my next cue and felt something move in my face. The pain increased and my face started to swell pretty much instantly. It turned out that when I blew, I had displaced my sinus wall. This was when I was sent to ER and we discovered that I’d broken my cheek bone, lower orbital and the sinus wall.

Since then I have had two appointments with different surgeons. At first it seemed clear that I would need surgery to fix everything. However at my most recent appointment I was told that the facial break which was originally diagnosed as the cheekbone is in fact just the sinus wall and it will not require surgery to repair. A huge turn of events and very positive news. I am now just awaiting an appointment with the eye specialist to check the orbital break and see if that requires surgery. So I shall keep you updated!

Now in my line of work, these things are not uncommon. Injuries occur often and we learn to deal with them. However they are never easy. As athletes/performers it is never the pain that we struggle with nor is it the visual. It is dealing with the fact that we can’t do what we love. My life is training, performing, eating and sleeping. When you take the first two out of the equation the combination I’m left with is dangerous territory, as everyone who knows me is very aware that I love my food, haha! So hopefully this blog will fulfill it’s purpose of keeping me distracted from all things yummy, but also I hope that it helps me dig a little into myself and discover some new things that inspire me.

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