Where the journey began…

Since the age of 10 when I saw my first Cirque Du Soleil show ‘Saltimbanco’, I had always wanted to run away with Cirque. I was a competitive trampolinist growing up. I was fortunate enough to represent Great Britain at youth matches and Junior World Championships but due to numerous injuries I never quite made it to the Senior level. Yet I kept training. A lot of the time people would ask me what I was training for? Why did I always keep pushing? Quite honestly I couldn’t really give them an answer. I loved trampolining and I loved training and didn’t particularly have to have an ultimate goal to keep doing it. I just did.

So, it was the middle of the Summer 2015 and I had just graduated from Liverpool John Moores University. I was feeling a little lost and unsure about where I was heading next. At that time I was working in a restaurant and as much as I enjoyed it, I wasn’t settled. I had worked there throughout the final year of my degree and whenever my coworkers asked me what I wanted to do when I finished university I always said “I’d love to go to Cirque”. Whether I believed I was good enough or not was another question.

One day I went into the gym for a normal day of training and my coach was talking to one of my team mates about Cirque. I had overheard him saying a Cirque Talent Scout had been in touch saying they were looking for female trampoline gymnasts. When she didn’t show much interest I had a feeling that this was my chance. I told him I wanted to go for it, so he got back in touch with Charlie (Talent Scout) to inquire and said we have to get a showreel together by the end of the week. So we did. This was my acrobatic showreel that we put together… Take a look . After sending this off I was contacted by Charlie and he said that I had been put forward for a role at ‘The Beatles LOVE’ in Las Vegas. After giving me a few details about the role, he told me that the casting team had asked for a separate video which was a bit more personal. They basically wanted me talking into a camera and as I’m not the best at sitting and talking into a little lens, I had to come up with something that was a little more creative and more me. Now I wish I had the video to share but unfortunately I have lost the original copy. The general idea I came up with was me walking/cartwheeling around Liverpool showing them my school (which was originally where John Lennon had been to school), Penny Lane and The Beatles Museum.

It was then a waiting game. I had been told that they had selected 5 girls to choose from and they would be taking on 2 of us, so my chances were pretty high.

After a few weeks of waiting it was like I had forgotten all about it. I was going to training in the afternoons and the restaurant at night. Just going along with my normal day to day life. Until the 15th of September. I woke up to a missed call from Charlie. I gave him a call back and that was the moment my whole life changed. It’s very difficult to describe how I felt in that moment. Throughout the whole conversation I was in disbelief. Almost like I was dreaming. I was told I’d be flying out to Cirque’s International Headquarters in Montreal the following month to have costume fittings and Make Up lessons. Then I would be sent to Las Vegas in January to begin my contract at ‘LOVE’. It was all extremely surreal and far too much information to take in over a 10 minute phone call. It was the beginning of a new chapter.

The first day of the rest of my life!

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